I marvel every year at the power of the sun to awaken and quicken growth at this time of year.  Everything is on an accelerated trajectory driven by the amount of light available. My husband Jim and I always joke that this is the season of needing to weed and mow every other day.

Throughout time and across traditions the Sun has been a central and cosmic symbol. It is seen as the life-giver, rejuvenator and instigator of expansion.  It is a key to our bio-rhythms, time and the calendar of our solar year. The sun is associated with being able to see clearly and to activate transformation. Often perceived as the Yang, or inner masculine principle, the sun is indeed at the core of all life and even the universe itself. The mystical traditions sing it aloud as the essence of the soul of all things, the cosmic heart, the bright blessing and dynamic radiance of Love.

Now is the perfect time in the sacred wheel of the year to call awake and tend the core essence of Love and Truth longing to blossom from within our cells, to actively participate in our own expansion and to use the light available to see and root out the oppressive tangles that would hinder our rising.

A few questions for us all to ponder:
What lights you up?
What do you adore?
What fills you with energy and inspires you on your journey?
What empowers you to keep going and growing even when the way is tough?

Let us call these things by name …and know that that these bright beams that we might perceive as being outside of us represent the very same light that resides within the sacred temple of our hearts.

Every time you practice $1 goes to Ketto.org, a fundraiser to bring Oxygen to India and it’s COVID-19 patients.


Purity is
Crystal clear. Complete in itself.
Purity is Essential essence.
Purity does not  mistake another for itself.
It is not something to get back to,
or ascend to.
it can not be beaten down, or weakened,
or tainted, or taught.
it is innate, and trustful, and potent.
It is revealed in stillness or pressure.
It sings in compassion and dances in connection.
Purity is
Like the balm we apply to our own wounds,
the intuitive care we extend without question to another.
It is the authentic tears that fall,
the joy that swells in our hearts.
Purity becomes clear to us
when we act from our heart’s deepest truth.
~ A Co-created Wordscape by The Illumina Team

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